Tips For Keeping Squirrels Out Of Your Garage


One of the most common nuisances you might face with your garage is nesting squirrels. Especially when the weather gets cold, squirrels look for shelter and warmer places to nest, which often leads them to the garage. In fact, one common place for them to nest is under the hood of a car, because the engine provides some heat. Here are some tips to help you keep the neighborhood squirrels out of your garage and car, protecting your engine wires and the rest of your belongings.

11 March 2017

Tips To Help You Control And Eliminate Insect Pests In Your Garden


Planting and growing a garden is a rewarding activity, as it can provide you and your family with healthy fruits and vegetables. Along with gardening comes caring for and keeping your plants healthy by protecting them from damaging insects and pests. But before using any pest control treatment, you want to make sure it is safe to use around your family. Here are some safe and effective tips you can do yourself to help you keep your garden plants free of pests.

2 March 2017

4 Ways To Reduce Termite Infestation Risk When Building A New Home


The best form of termite control is proactive prevention. While any homeowner can take steps to reduce the chances of termites invading their house, homebuyers who are building new houses have unique opportunities to design their home to be termite-resistant from the beginning. No measures can fully stop termites from infesting a house, but if you're in the process of having a house built to be more termite-resistant, here are some practical steps you can take to minimize the likelihood that termites infest your home in the future.

25 October 2016

Look For Signs Of These 3 Pests Before Renting An Apartment


Theoretically, your landlord should manage pest control in your apartment building in order to ensure their rental property is suitable for inhabitation. However, when landlords are not conscientious about pest control, holding them to their responsibilities can be tricky for the tenant – you could end up in court trying to prove the pests pose a safety hazard. You're better off avoiding pest infestations altogether. One way to do that is by choosing an apartment that's pest-free from the start.

13 June 2016

5 Steps To Remove Bees From A Daycare Center


If  you discover a swarm or nest of bees near your daycare center, you need to take immediate action to ensure the safety of both the children and adults at your school and have the insects removed as soon as possible. It is a good idea to have an emergency plan in place so you can handle the situation quickly and efficiently. There are several things that you can do to make sure the bee removal is safe and successful.

22 January 2016

How Can You Humanely Rid Your Property Of Carpenter Bees?


If you've recently noticed what appear to be bumblebees burrowing into your wooden patio furniture or the overhang of your roof, you likely have an infestation of carpenter bees. These bees are similar to bumblebees in appearance, but are solitary creatures that feast on chewed wood and can be quite destructive. However, killing carpenter bees can also cause ecological problems. Are there any ways to humanely eradicate these bees from your property and prevent their return?

20 August 2015

4 Diseases Carried By Mosquitoes That Can Be Transmitted To You


The mosquito is a pesky pest, indeed. This blood-sucking insect is common to almost every part of the world with warmer climates, and some with less than ideal conditions as well. They prefer humidity and moisture and will jump at any chance to suck the blood out of mammals to sustain their own well-being. In addition to being annoying, mosquitoes can pose a genuine threat to your health. Due to the fact they sustain themselves on blood and hop from host to host, there is a chance they can pass on a disease to you.

12 August 2015