Perfecting Pest Control

If you don't like pests setting up shop in your home, you might be interested in hiring a professional exterminator to help you with your problems. However, unless you understand the tools that they are working with, you might find yourself wondering what else you can do to curb issues. For example, if you don't mention that mosquito problem, your exterminator might not know to treat that water feature with a pesticide that targets larvae. My site explains different ways you can prepare for your professional pest control treatment, so that you aren't left with issues later down the road.

Why Spring Is A Good Time For Pest Control Treatment


Pests are active throughout the year, especially during months when the weather is warm. But winter often brings a much-needed respite from many of the most annoying pests, such as mosquitoes and ants, and stinging insects like bees and wasps. However, spring gives pests a chance to remerge and wreak havoc on homes and buildings once again.

Spring is the ideal time to call on the services of a pest control company. A pest control service can visit your home in spring and provide numerous services to keep pests from getting out of control later in the year.

Stop pests from breeding and spreading

Spring is the time of year when all kinds of creepy crawlies and animals emerge to begin their breeding cycle. At this time of year, insect pest populations are small. However, as the year progresses, even a small insect population can quickly grow until it becomes a menace to your property. Some of the most problematic pests that you might face in the coming year are:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Flies
  • Aphids

A great way to prevent these pests from growing into a serious problem on your property is to strike while their populations are still small. A pest control service can use insecticides, baits, and traps to eliminate both insect pests and other pests, such as rodents. Once a pest control service has examined your property for the presence of pests, they can then treat those pests.

Identify areas of your home that need maintenance

Most pests need to gain entry to your home from the outside before they can breed and spread. For instance, rats and mice will use cracks and holes in your home's foundation to enter your home. Insect pests need only tiny entry points, such as a crack in a window sill or a gap under a door.

Pest controllers have the training and experience to examine your home and identify areas that need maintenance. You can then take the necessary steps to repair the most vulnerable parts of your home before opportunistic pests such as rodents and bees become a problem.

Put a pest control treatment plan in place for the coming year

Pest control services create pest control treatment plans that are unique to every home and property. If your home has previously had problems with termites, for instance, then a pest control company may focus on using baits and barriers to prevent termites from entering your home. Every few months, pest controllers then return to your home to reapply insecticides, install traps, and renew baits.

If you don't want pests to overrun your home this coming summer, then spring is the right time for pest control treatment. To learn more, contact a pest control service in your area.


24 April 2023