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If you don't like pests setting up shop in your home, you might be interested in hiring a professional exterminator to help you with your problems. However, unless you understand the tools that they are working with, you might find yourself wondering what else you can do to curb issues. For example, if you don't mention that mosquito problem, your exterminator might not know to treat that water feature with a pesticide that targets larvae. My site explains different ways you can prepare for your professional pest control treatment, so that you aren't left with issues later down the road.

You Need Immediate Termite Pest Control Services If You Notice This


Termites can cause significant damage to building structures in a short period of time. Sometimes property owners do not realize that they have an infestation, which can prolong pest control efforts. One of the best ways to identify termites early on is to get routine pest control services. The technicians inspect properties for these pests and others like cockroaches. They can treat properties with pesticides to prevent infestations. The following points identify telltale signs that termites have invaded a home.

Mud Tubes

Termites are one type of insect that constructs mud tubes for shelter purposes. Mud daubers are another type, and it is common for individuals to assume they have a problem with the latter if they have seen wasp-like creatures around their properties. A homeowner should never assume that mud tubes around their home are a specific type of insect. It could be a pest control issue for both types of insects even though the mud daubers' presence might be obvious and annoying. A pest control technician can inspect and determine which type(s) of infestation is present. 

Structural Changes

A home that is infested by termites must get treated to get rid of the insects. If not, the home will deteriorate as the insects feast on its building materials. Doors and windows may start to be difficult to close. Homeowners may attribute the issue to their foundations if they notice damage there. This is a good assertion because untreated termite infestations can also cause foundation damage. Wherever there is wood, they will feast. This puts key parts of foundations such as wood flooring and crawlspaces at risk for damage. Routine inspections can uncover structural damages before a home gets significantly damaged.


There should not be sawdust around the home if there has not been any recent construction or repairs. Termites consume wood, and in the process, they leave behind waste. It might be seen near building materials that are made of wood. It is a sign that there is activity happening on a property. The substance is likely not sawdust. These insects produce waste that looks a lot like sawdust, but it is a substance called frass, which is insect excrement. 

White Ants

Some homeowners notice what appears to be white ants. The phenomenon can be shocking and can cause someone to assume that maybe something like a genetic issue has caused the odd color. Ants are never the color white. Individuals should take time to note the body structure of the insects, and they should be able to tell that there are differences between an ant and what they are observing. Termites are thicker than ants in the midsection. 

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25 April 2022