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Preventing Bed Bugs From Following You Home On Your Next Trip: What You Should Do


Bed bugs can be found just about anywhere, including on new clothing, new furniture, and anywhere in your home. If you're traveling, they can be found in hotel rooms and can come home with you if you aren't careful. These pests can be very tricky when they hop aboard your luggage and ride home with you. They can be tricky to get rid of them as well if they do come home with you. Bed bugs are not what you want as souvenirs from your trip. Read on for some tips on what you should do to prevent bed bugs from coming home with you on your next trip.

Keep Your Luggage Contained

Your luggage should be kept contained so prevent bed bugs from getting into your luggage and on your clothing. If the bed bugs get inside your luggage, they are more than likely going to come home with you to invade your home. Bed bugs can easily get inside luggage or onto clothing that you have unpacked into drawers of the hotel room. They can also get inside if you have the luggage on the floor. Keep your luggage zipped up and the clothing inside should be kept in an airtight container such as plastic bags.

Keep Your Luggage Off Of The Floor

Place your luggage onto a luggage rack, not only the floor. Never put your luggage on the floor and open it up from there. Inspect the drawers before putting anything into them. If you see signs of bed bugs, get a different hotel room and report it to the hotel manager. Hang up clothing in a closet if there is one.

Wash Everything Upon Returning

Make sure you wash everything after you have returned from your trip. Be sure to keep your luggage inside of a plastic bag when you return home as well. You cannot wash the luggage, but you can wipe it down. Wipe it down, then place it into a plastic bag and seal it tightly to suffocate any bed bugs that may remain on the luggage. Do this for anything you bring home that you aren't able to wash. 

If you are going to be traveling, you need to protect yourself against bed bugs and prevent bringing them into your home. If you do end up with bed bugs after a trip, you should hire a pest control specialist to help you get rid of these pests for you.

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24 February 2022