Perfecting Pest Control

If you don't like pests setting up shop in your home, you might be interested in hiring a professional exterminator to help you with your problems. However, unless you understand the tools that they are working with, you might find yourself wondering what else you can do to curb issues. For example, if you don't mention that mosquito problem, your exterminator might not know to treat that water feature with a pesticide that targets larvae. My site explains different ways you can prepare for your professional pest control treatment, so that you aren't left with issues later down the road.

Top 4 Signs You Need Rodent Control Services


Rodents can destroy everything you have worked so hard for. This includes your clothes, books, and essential documents. Not forgetting they can contaminate your food and compromise your health and that of your loved ones. Therefore, it's important to know when you have a looming rodent problem, so you can seek rodent control services before these pesky creatures have taken control of your space. Here are four telltale signs your home needs residential pest control treatment.

Droppings and Smell of Urine

Rats and mice are experts when it comes to hiding. But as they move around your house at night, they often leave droppings, the size of rice grains. The more droppings you see, the larger the infestation. It might be difficult to notice or smell rodents' urine, especially if there are only one or two of them. But as their number increases, you will start to feel a strong musky smell. Don't hesitate to call a professional rodent exterminator if the smell is intense, as that signifies the infestation is large.

Home Damage

Rodents are the ultimate home destroyers. With their teeth constantly growing, they have to wear them down through active chewing and gnawing. As a result, you might notice some gnaw marks on your stored clothing, food packaging, furniture items, among other things. Worse still, rodents can cause significant damage to your house. While looking for a perfect place to stay, they can chew through anything, including drywall, concrete, brick, and wood. 

Unusual Pet Behavior

Generally, dogs and cats have more sensitive noses and ears than humans. As a result, they will be the first to know when rodents invade your home. You might notice your dog barking continuously while looking at the basement. Or maybe your cat is sniffing around the holes and cracks on your walls. Don't ignore these signs—your pet knows something that you don't. 

Strange Noises

As rodents scamper around your ceiling and walls, they will make sounds. You might even hear them causing damage, like scratching the food packages in your kitchen or chewing your clothes in your wardrobe. 

While instantly turning on lights to scare off rodents is commendable, it is not enough to drive them away from your home. Rodents are mischievous and will wait until you are asleep before coming out again. The most reliable option is to seek professional rodent control services, as it guarantees total pest extermination from your property.  


2 June 2021