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5 Reasons Mice Love Your Kitchen & What To Do About It


You're in the kitchen doing your best to whip up a good meal for your family, but you find mouse droppings in the utensil drawer, your oven is smelling an awful lot like ammonia, and there is a hole gnawed in the pasta box. Sounds like you have mice in your kitchen, and whether you see it or not, there are likely several things these aggravating critters just adore about this space in your home. Take a look at five reasons mice gravitate to the kitchen and what you need to do to put a stop to this unwelcome infatuation. 

1. Easy Access to Food 

Without question, mice love your kitchen because this is where food can be found in all different forms. The tiniest bits of dropped food, even bread crumbs, can make a mouse a good meal for the day. The cleaner the kitchen is the better, so avoid dirty dishes, clean up after cooking very well, and lock everything in the cabinets up in containers. 

2. Lack of Human Presence at Night 

Once everyone goes off to bed, the kitchen is pretty much silent in most homes. The lights go out, the humans disappear, and the mice have free reign to do what they want without getting caught. Leave a light on, turn on a radio at night, and maybe even get a cat. 

3. Easy Access to Water 

Not only is there a sink in the kitchen, but possibly a water dispenser, a dishwasher, an ice maker, and spilled moisture from food. Keep things dry, repair leaks as soon as you know they are there, and get rid of any moisture. 

4. Ample Places to Hide 

Kitchens are full of places to hide. Drawers, cabinets with doors, spaces behind appliances, containers that rarely get used—all of these offer hiding places. Some, you can't do anything about, but you can make an effort to get rid of things you never use, get rid of clutter, and even leave cabinet doors if you have to. 

5. Tons of Nesting Material

That cardboard pasta box you found with a hole gnawed in it—mice may have not been after the dried pasta at all. They could be using the material to soften up and insulate their nest. The kitchen has all kinds of interesting stuff that can be used to make a nest more homey for a mouse: insulation from appliances, shredded paper from packaging, and bits of plastic from grocery bags. The only real things you can do here are get rid of clutter, start using hard plastic containers and get rid of cardboard, and get proactive about eradicating the pests. 

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28 December 2019