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If you don't like pests setting up shop in your home, you might be interested in hiring a professional exterminator to help you with your problems. However, unless you understand the tools that they are working with, you might find yourself wondering what else you can do to curb issues. For example, if you don't mention that mosquito problem, your exterminator might not know to treat that water feature with a pesticide that targets larvae. My site explains different ways you can prepare for your professional pest control treatment, so that you aren't left with issues later down the road.

Under Assault By Determined Ants? Why It May Be Happening And What You Can Do About It


Ants are one of those out-of-sight, out-of-mind pests. Homeowners may not see a single insect for months and then suddenly experience a wave consisting of thousands of determined pests in a short period of time. Because of this wide variation in their habits, ant invasions can be more difficult to address than some other types of pests. If you are currently watching an endless wave of ants on parade in your home, this information will help you understand why they are arriving and what you can do about it. 

The scented trail 

Although you may not have witnessed the visit, homes that see a sudden mass entry of ants probably had a previous visit from a single ant who was acting as a scout. When sent out to do this, the scout's mission is to look for food that will benefit their nest of hungry workers. 

An ant scout who scopes out your home and finds easy access to edible favorites like sugar, honey, sweetened drinks or foods, grease or greasy residue, or protein-rich meat has located a valuable treasure trove. The scout then secretes pheromones to mark the route into your home so that workers can find it. 

When witnessing an invasion of ants entering via an obvious trail, it can be helpful to confuse the ants by cleaning the trail and destroying the scent that defines it. Solutions of vinegar or baking soda and water are effective at removing the scent and destroying its ability to lead the ants into your home. 

The bait solution

Although tiny, ants are voracious eaters. This fact, coupled with the likelihood that they will also transport food back to the nest to share with their queen and the entire colony is why baits are often the best solution for dealing with an ant invasion. 

If the number of ants invading your home is relatively small, homeowners may want to try one of the many DIY bait recipes available. Most of these recipes call for combining granulated sugar with borax. The sugar provides the sweetness to attract the ants. When they consume it or carry it back to the nest, the borax acts as a poison. 

Homeowners who are experiencing a large ant invasion or those who are reluctant to use homemade baits because of risk to pets or children will want to discuss their pest problem with a reputable pest control professional. This expert will be able to provide a safe, effective way to rid the home of ants and reduce the chances of experiencing further invasions. For more information, contact companies like Good News Pest Solutions


18 October 2019